ZWIFT Updates: Faster Zwift Update Downloads // Companion App v3.20 [iOS/Android]

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Sneaking in under the radar today was an update to the Zwift 'Launcher' on Windows with multithreaded downloading capability. This more than halved the time it took to download a full copy of Zwift in the Lama Lab (100Mbit connection) and will also ensure future updates/patches are installed at lightening speed in the future. The Companion App also received an update to with Boost Mode and other miscellaneous updates.

Companion App Update List:
• Added a dedicated view for FutureWorks Boost Mode events, giving you better control over your boost and charging.
• Changed the sorting of Club Chat to show the newest messages at the top of the preview.
• Made a change to prevent underage Zwifters from viewing or participating in Club Chat.
• Fixed a crash in the notifications area.
• Fixed an issue with the date picker for Meetups. (iOS Only)
• Fixed a bug that would cause the progression bar to appear when the user has completed Zwift Academy. (Android Only)
• Numerous BLE bridge improvements. (Android Only)

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