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With this release on La Fête Recording, Yann Polewka wanted to honour a very punchy house that will transport you directly under the palm trees and the summer sun, enough to prolong this summer period so special this year.

Going from a smooth Grover Washington Jr. atmosphere with a jazz/hip hop beat on "UFO" to more dancefloor-scratching sounds like "The Ghetto" or "You got it" and his shattering vocal, Yann reveals the extent of his talents which is not limited to house with this record.

On the second side, we find the track "Dressed Like A Fella" in its original version along with a remix by Ethyène, founder of the french label Moonrise Hill Material, who once again illustrates his own style.

Yann Polewka

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ARTIST : Yann Polewka
REMIX : Ethyène
LABEL : La Fête Recording
REALEASE DATE : 25th of September 2020

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