XCOM 2: War of the Chosen - LIVE - TotesMcGotes - PS5 - Let’s Play Ep 11: Downed UFO Tragedy

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The Second Wave is a very active and managed clan that was found by GCROCK. The clan quickly became the biggest clan on The Division 2 and now stands at over 1300 members across all three platforms. We have recently made Destiny 2 a dedicated game for the clan and have a clan on each platform as we look to grow it in the same way that we did with The Division 2. As well as our dedicated games, our clan members also have fun on Rocket League, Call of Duty, FIFA and many more games.

Our values are very simple, we are not here to aim for set targets or show off how good we are, we simply just want to game, have fun and make friends. We give you a great environment to do this in our Discord Community and you get to set your own gaming goals and play the games that you want to play while making new friends. Anyone is welcome and we have a clan management structure that allows for unlimited growth and opportunities.
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