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Hello everyone
I’m your host Farah kashif at Tips for everything. Today’s post is for those who are curious to know, how to earn by sitting at home in Canada when you have younger kids.
You can start a Dayhome at your place while taking care of your kids too. A daycare is something outside with more than one person taking care of kids and working under supervision.
To start a Dayhome which is an equivalent opportunity for male and females, if you have master degree or , you can get level and qualify to get incentive (funding) from Government on top of charges from parents but there is opportunity for other people to go and study level 1 to level 3 for free if they are new immigrant. As higher level you have as higher you are paid for incentive.

If you have a question, leave in comment and I will be happy to get an answer for you from an experienced person.

Good luck and best wishes to all of you who are applying for immigration to Canada.
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