Wednesday Afternoon Tropical Update: Tracking Omar in the Atlantic, Nana in the Caribbean

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The tropics are active as we approach the peak of the season on September 10, but there are no immediate threats to the Gulf Coast at the moment. There are two named storms in the Atlantic basin, plus a couple of far-off waves way out in the ocean.

Tropical Storm Nana is heading over the western Caribbean and is expected to strengthen to a hurricane before a landfall in Honduras or Belize on Thursday.

Tropical Storm Omar is disorganized off the East Coast and will likely get torn apart by strong wind shear soon. It is heading out to sea and is not a threat to land.

Elsewhere, there are two waves the National Hurricane Center is monitoring. One has a low chance for development between the Caribbean islands and the west coast of Africa. The second one is a wave about to emerge off Africa with a decent chance for development in the next few days. We'll watch them, but at this time, there are no immediate threats to Louisiana or the Gulf of Mexico.

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