VAN BUILD | Insulation, Strapping & Windows | Side to Side Bed Flares! | MODERN Vanlife Conversion

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This week we take you through the insulation, strapping, and window installations as well as the unique modern ceiling that ties this build together!

We also cover the flares to make the bed a full 6 feet 3 inches of height and provide additional space when sleeping!

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Build Resources:

Insulation, Fan & Roof Rack

Roof Rack:


Noico 80mil: 

Maxxair Fans:


1/2 weatherstripping:

1 Inch weatherstripping:

Sikaflex 221:

Heat Tape:

Rock Wool Insulation: 
Swivel Seat: 

Kitchen, Lighting & Appliances:

Dark Stainless Sink:

Dark Stainless Faucet:

30 Gallon Tank:

16 Gallon Tank:

Water Fill Port:

Water Pump:

Gallon Electric water heater:

Dometic Portable Toilet:

Induction Stove:

Water filter:

Shower Shut off Valve:


Cushion Foam:

12V Refrigerator:

20" 500LBS Slides:

32" 500LBS Slides:

22" Drawer slides:

Sliding Outlets:

Puck Lights:

LED Strip Lights:

Flat Hardware:

Kitchen Hardware:


Lithium Batteries:

Charge Controller:

200w Solar Panels:


4000w Inverter:

250A Switch:

250A Breaker:

150A Breaker:

50A Breaker:

30A Breaker:

Fuse Box:

8G Wire:

4G Wire:

4G Wire (Copper):

8G Wire:

16G Wire:

16G Terminals:

Heat Shrink:

Branch Connectors:

Light Switches:

12v,USB,Voltage Meter:

12V Blade Fuses:


Reciprocating Knife:

  Track Saw: 
  Jig Saw: 
  Recip Saw: 
  Impact Drill & Drill Set: 
  Pocket Hole Jig: 
  Angle Grinder: 
  Nail Gun & Air Compressor Kit: 
  Miter Saw (Bought Used): 
  Table Saw (Bought Used): 
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