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- Microsoft Xbox One Controller + Cable for Windows

Microsoft Xbox One Controller + Cable for Windows

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this list was compiled by the entire ıgn content team and - after plenty of internal debate - represents what we believe to be the very best that the xbox one has to

I like to play games on my Windows 10 computer. For years now, though, Ive been using a keyboard and a mouse and playing mainly first person shooter games.
When I started hankering for a "flight" game of some kind, I realized that the keyboard and mouse would not be as effective as a joystick for controlling the planes.
After receiving this controller, I plugged it into a USB port and it came right up on my screen and worked perfectly on some games. Wolfenstein the New Order and Wolfenstein the Old Blood put the controller to use immediately.
I didnt even have to set any keys. Some other games were less friendly to the controller, typically older games. Since I mostly play first person shooters, Ill probably stick with my keyboard and mouse for them.
There is more precise movement with the mouse (or maybe Im out of practice with the stick). But Im still looking for a good flight game that doesnt take a long time to learn and will let me soar above the clouds using my Xbox One controller.
It is a nice feeling controller, But there are somethings I dislike about it compared to the old 360 controller.
I dont like that it is thinner, I have large hands, so the smaller things get the harder they are for me to use (Im looking at you phones, that get thinner and thinner each ) I dont like the New trigger design, the way the triggers kind of flare out is quite annoying as I find myself accidentally pressing them from time to time and accidentally shooting my gun or looking down the sights at inopportune times.
I dont like that it is wired only, As far as I know wireless is not an option if I want to use it with my PC, and having the cord attached is kind of a pain in the butt to use with my laptop.
it also for some reason crashes every time I plug it in to my Windows 7 PC, but it continues to work even though it says "program has stopped responding", a minor annoyance.
Product is not plug and play with windows 7, or at least it wasnt for me, I had to go to Microsoft and download a driver for it.
Now, all those negatives being said, I still quite like it, and am learning how to hold it to hit the triggers less often when not trying to hit them.
the battery pack compartment is superior to the 360 controller as it isnt jutting out of the bottom like on the 360. the analog sticks are also superior, and grip the fingers very well for precise movement.
the D pad is also excellent. overall, it will take a little bit of getting used to if you have been using the XBOX 360 controller for nearly a decade like I have been, but it is a nice controller, I would recommend it for PC gaming on Steam.
Just make sure the game is compatible with controllers as some are and some arent. (I can play Skyrim or Fallout New Vegas, but not Fallout 3 or Oblivion with this controller.)
before you buy this and find out it isnt compatible with the game you
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