Unemployment Update 9-3-20: Weekly Jobs Report Enhanced Unemployment Benefits States Pay $300/$400

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Unemployment benefit update: is your state paying $300/$400 weekly?


Happy Thursday, 9-3-20: which means that we’ve got to start today’s video talking about the weekly jobs report.

Today, another 881,000 initial unemployment claims were reported, which is better than the DOW Jones economists, who predicted 950,000 first time claims for the week.

This displays a job market that is improving, but at a very slow pace.

Economist Ian Shepherdson stated: “In short, the pace of layoffs still remains very high, and it appears that the proportion of newly laid-off people quickly finding another job is falling.”

At this time, there are still million continuing unemployment claims, and millions of Americans are in desperate need of extended unemployment benefits.

Meanwhile, we’ve talked a lot about states that are paying their unemployment claimants less than $100 weekly, but what about the states that are paying the least amount of money in maximum unemployment claims?

Well, if you live in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee, you likely know that the maximum unemployment benefit from the state is less than the Federal minimum wage rate of $ an hour.

In fact, during the month of July, 22 states paid an average unemployment claimant less than the Federal minimum wage.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are about three unemployed workers per job opening.

Economist Peter Ganong stated: “Regular unemployment insurance benefits in the are woefully inadequate in some states.”

These inadequate state benefits are exactly why we need to extend the $600 weekly Federal unemployment funds, to help millions of Americans get back on their feet.

Finally, a new survey shows that most Americans will not be sitting on the patio, drinking Juleps and stitching scarves during their retirement.

When talking to baby boomers that still have a job, 59% expect to keep working into retirement, according to a new study from Voya Financial.

Looking at Generation X, 60% plan to still work into their retirement, while 49% of millennials intend to do the same.

Overall, 54% of all workers say that their retirement will also include some sort of job.

Charlie Nelson, CEO of Retirement and Employee Benefits for Voya stated: “The definition of retirement is evolving and will keep evolving. It’s not going to be about working until a certain age and then switching to no work.”

As someone that works around the clock myself, I definitely don’t plan on enjoying your typical retirement as I’ll still be pumping out YouTube videos on my 100th Birthday!

If you still haven’t applied for unemployment benefits in your state, check to see if you are eligible and apply today for these extended, enhanced unemployment funds.

These weekly $300 or $400 unemployment checks will not be available for long, so make sure to get your application in before your state runs out of money.

If you are a gig-worker, self employed, independent contractor or 1099 worker, don’t miss out on these unemployment benefits that you can actually claim through the PUA.

Check with your state’s unemployment and PUA guidelines, tell them the truth, and get the money that you deserve in your bank account within days of approval!

Do you plan on having a typical retirement? Let me know in the comments below!



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