The Neckbreak Kid Alex Ocean issues a "Hardcore Open Challenge" for Luchamania 2020 in Nashville

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"The Neckbreak Kid" Alex Ocean has just issued a "Hardcore Open Challenge" for July 25th at CCW Presents: Luchamania 2020 in #Nashville, Tennesee!

Ocean's statement:

"I am issuing a "Hardcore Open Challenge," because that's exactly what the hell I do. So, if anybody has the BALLS, if anybody thinks they can step toe-to-toe with me, I've earned every single one of god-damned scars.

So bring the fight, I'm gonna bring it right back.
And remember one thing,

Ocean, can't die."

CCW Executive committee has granted Ocean's request.
Alex Ocean has exploded onto the national stage as of late, and we can't wait to see who will answer his challenge.

The city of Nashville has asked us to limit fan attendance to 250, so buy your tickets right now to see the hottest wrestling event of the summer!

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