The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #178 | Alleged UFO Sighting In Los Angeles, Impersonations, FOMO + More

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The monday starts off with catching up on E-zones visit to hood stocks podcast and there was many drinks but also a tasering?!? A wild time as B-Real confirms from his past visit as well. E-Zone puts us on to new beer flavors from craft beer kings a favorite of the podcast and makers of the collaboration between B-Real and the HopBox flavor. B-Real talks about The Housewives of Atlanta he watched while wifey was enjoying, it seems that older women are throwing "thirst" parties, to which he offered skinny pablo services for these parties being his Thirst manager.

The crew breakdown the recent alleged ufo sightings and discuss where might aliens take you if you leave with them. E-Zone proposes that they have a meet and greet with an alien if one came to this planet and the public knew about it. B-Real and C-Minus talk about cover songs and which bands did justice to them elevating the original song. E-Zone brings up drinking at young ages when they shouldn't have. C-Minus when he was 5 said he accidentally drank whisky when he thought it was just soda. After taking a big gulp he slept it off but those are those lessons according to E-Zone that you have to learn. Bobo talks about bringing home a bottle of wine and having to give it to his mom. His logic helped him in that situation but Bobo also brings up a time he introduced his mom to Eryka Badu at a show and his mom intense energy came out that night. Apon greeting, Badu said hello by calling Bobo's mom "sista" and she corrected her with a "Sista? my name is Mrs Bobo". Bobo mom also called out a friend of theirs one time because she would call people out when they were out of pocket. At a thanksgiving she iced that friend so bad with a lecture he decided to leave to which she said "Good, you should be with your family anyways!"

C-Minus tells a legendary story about someone pretending to be him and confronting that person. Back in the days before cellphones, some girl calls into the radio station upset with C-Minus for not calling him back after hooking up but thing is C-Minus never met the girl. After asking her to describe what she thinks he looks like beings he's on radio, she described an asian guy to which he had to break down to her that he wasn't that guy. They find out who the guy is and C-Minus goes to confront the imposter.
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