Stimulus Update & Daily News Briefing - Stimulus Checks Coming Tomorrow?

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Your second stimulus check update, $600 stimulus check, stimulus package update, vaccine update, news update, and stimulus check 2 update for Friday December 18th. Everything you need to know!

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Stimulus news
After months and months of holding steadfast and leaving us hanging our leaders have come to an agreement in dropping state and local funding, as well as liability protection for companies, freeing up $160 billion that they now plan to use for stimulus checks.

The last round of stimulus checks cost around $300 billion, so it looks as if congress is eyeing a $600 stimulus check.

Congress members are saying expect a stimulus bill to be passed on Saturday.

This comes at a good time as COVID numbers are still on the rise, and the vaccines are in a buying war as countries scramble to secure as many vaccines as they can.

Although a $600 stimulus check isn’t going to solve everyone’s problems there is some good news here as well.

After the inauguration the Biden’s administration will be looking to pass another relief bill. Georgia's runoff election in January will determine how easy or hard that goal can be achieved.

Of course that is if Congress can pass this funding bill.

When asked about the stopgap McConnell said, quote "If we need to further extend the Friday funding deadline before final legislation can pass in both chambers, I hope we'll extend it for a very, very short window of time,"

Three new points seem to have plagued negotiations now:
-Democrats are pushing for more FEMA funds
-Senator Pat Toomey wants language to keep Federal Reserve emergency lending facilities open
-Decision on stimulus check size and who will get them this time around

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