Steamed Hams But Windows XP and Windows Vista, Remastered (8000 Subs)

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There's been quite a lot of new viewers since the first upload at June 26th 2018, specifically lots of viewers since the influx of viewers starting from November 2018. And yes, Windows XP Animations is the answer.

Anyways, this took a lot of effort to make to create the remaster my now second-top video. 26th June 2019 on that exact day is when the Peppa Pig But Windows XP overtook. Video had ~620k views back then. But how about this remaster of the good old creation from back in 2018? Now let’s turn up the 16:9 ratio too.

And yes, uploaded at approximately 4pm on 27th June 2019.

Made in Microsoft PowerPoint and iMovie.

6th October 2019 — 200k views
~1st March 2020 — 5k likes
13th March 2020 — 1,000,000 views
4th October 2020 — 10K likes
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