Showdown: Alienware UFO VS The Switch

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A New Handheld War: Alienware UFO VS The Switch


Back in early 2020, Alienware announced an exciting new handheld console, the UFO, and the buzz around the project was huge! But since then, we haven’t really gotten any word about this flashy new handheld device. What happened to it? Is it just waiting for a better time or is it dead in the water?

We hope it’s still in development, because from what we saw, it looked awesome. It actually looked like a handheld device that could truly rival the current King of handheld gaming, The Nintendo Switch. And that would be amazing because it’s about time the Switch had some healthy competition! Looking at what we do know about the UFO there looks to be some things that should get gamers really excited. It’s display and layout looks to improve upon the Switch’s specs and promises gamers a way to play some of their favorite computer games on the go.

But we can’t rule out the Nintendo Switch quite yet. It’s still an incredibly popular console and recently topped the list for most consoles sold in the US for the month of November. And with a rumored update coming next year, it’s going to make the UFO’s job even harder!

So do you think the UFO can potentially be the next big thing in handheld gaming? Check out our video below to learn more about this great new console. After you’re done, be sure to hit that big like and subscribe button for more awesome gaming content like this! Thanks for watching TheGamer! Let’s get started.

00:00 Intro
00:41 The UFO Will Be Amazing!
02:52 Don’t Count Out the Switch
04:05 Is the UFO in Trouble?

Written by: Jacoby Bancroft
Narrated by: Antony Watkins
Edited by: Jean Bernard

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