Season 2 Episode 4 | Put a Ring on It | OWN | Translating the Bull****

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Y'all, if any of you are as curious as I was about where to find Brittany's music, I've located her soundcloud. It's here and the song used in the show is 'Workin':

For anyone who was patiently waiting on this video to arrive, thanks for that patience. I had to work really late on my actual work on Friday night, so I wasn’t able to start on this until Saturday morning. From what I’ll say below, you’ll see why it took what it did.

Just when I thought I might be able to do fairly short videos for season 2 of Put a Ring on It (OWN) I had the rug pulled out from under me for season 2 episode 4. This is a record for PAROI with the Translating the Bull**** video coming in at a little under 31 minutes. I hope there won’t be too many at this length this season, but it will become pretty clear why there was so much to translate as you watch it…lol. There was a little more to the end of the real TV show that I didn’t include here, because I wanted the curtain line I had to be the last thing. Once the videos have premiered, I’ll be glad to say what the final ‘scene’ was if anyone wasn’t able to catch the real TV show.

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