NOW!! $1200 Second Stimulus Check Update + Unemployment Benefits STIMULUS PACKAGE

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NOW!! $1200 Second Stimulus Check Update + Unemployment Benefits STIMULUS PACKAGE

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When the chief senate republican negotiators Steve Mnuchin and Mark Meadows find themselves back at the table in the white house with chief democrat house of representative negotiators Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, both sides seem to already agree that a new stimulus package should include a second stimulus check and SSI SSDI as well as social security benefits recipients qualified in the Cares Act. If Congress does pass another stimulus bill, we could get an additional direct payment, rental assistance and perhaps student loans extensions. SBA (Small Business Administration) is no longer accepting PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) applications from participating lenders. President Trump said his administration and Congress are currently negotiating the exact amount included in the next round of relief. These statements come just days after Mitch Mcconnell's political comments to Nancy Pelosi.

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