NEVER send kids back to school when Trump orders re-opening. 4 reasons

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Emergency order requiring all schools in FL to open next by FL Educational commissioner Richard Corcoran.

Don't send your kids to school, virus or no virus
Schools are crap. Schools aren't the learning centers we're told they are.

Learn better on your own like I did.
And get a GED.


Minutes after I uploaded this News: "Trump threatens to cut funding from schools that won’t reopen"
What a corrupt bribing and manipulating schools into opening before it's safe for teachers and students. As has been said, trump is an uncaring person.

Alex Azar said: "Kids at home may not be getting the "social stimulation" they'd get at school.
1st off, what's with the perv language these people are using?
2nd, Azar is the "Health & Human Services Secretary". He shouldn't be speaking about kids need for school.

Oh crap,
Betsy DeVos - Now, she's the "Education Secretary"
She said "It's very clear that kids need to go back to school ". But didn't say why. And you'd think she's got some kids at home that she's sick of. Her family owns ten yachts which has a net worth of $ billion.
In 2019, DeVos attempted to roll back protections for online students.
She also proposed to cut $5 billion from public schools, eliminate the Unified Champion Schools program, and cut the Department of Education budget by 10 percent.

And if she's gonna go on Fox (to say this), she could've picked ANY SHOW better than the lowest of life host.

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