Masako's Secret Lady Lover & Gosaku's Armour! | Ghost of Tsushima Pt. 12 Lets Play

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Part 12, we continue to assist Lady Masako in her search for her family's killer. This time we're tracking down Mai, a former servant of the Adachi Clan. Turns out she was more than just a servant to Lady Masako. Later on, we retrieve the final key to obtain Gosaku's Armour.

Quests: The Thief, The Unbreakable Gosaku

Difficulty: Medium

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Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay Lets Play Playthrough on PS4 Pro
In the late 13th century, the Mongol empire has laid waste to entire nations along their campaign to conquer the East. Tsushima Island is all that stands between mainland Japan and a massive Mongol invasion fleet led by the ruthless and cunning general, Khotun Khan.

As the island burns in the wake of the first wave of the Mongol assault, samurai warrior Jin Sakai stands as one of the last surviving members of his clan. He is resolved do whatever it takes, at any cost, to protect his people and reclaim his home. He must set aside the traditions that have shaped him as a warrior to forge a new path, the path of the Ghost, and wage an unconventional war for the freedom of Tsushima.
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