Mac Miller: How A White Kid From Pittsburgh Earned Acceptance in Hip Hop

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A lot of people assumed Mac Miller would be just another white boy frat rapper that faded out with time, but Mac evolved and grew up over the years. He was a true artist and never used his whiteness as a gimmick. He showed that quality rap is quality rap, regardless of what it looks like and if you respect the culture, then hip-hop will be accepting of you.

Shot using: Audio Technica AT2020 USB Mic, Rode NT1 Condenser Microphone, 4K Video Downloader, and QuickTime Screen Recording

0:00 Tiny Desk Block and Patreon
0:48 Introduction
3:24 Childhood
5:47 Early Mixtapes
9:09 Best Day Ever
9:55 Blue Slide Park
11:25 Macadelic
12:40 Most Dope Family
13:40 Watching Movies with the Sound Off
15:09 Faces
16:48 Mac’s relationship with drugs
18:42 GO:OD AM
19:51 Ariana Grande
21:03 The Divine Feminine
22:10 Addiction and split
23:32 Swimming
26:18 His death
29:43 Circles announcement
30:47 Good News
31:35 Easter eggs
32:09 Circles
34:18 His musical abilities
36:30 Reflections
37:27 Closing
38:10 Problems can be blessings
38:34 Patreon, merch, and social links

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