KABIR - Myths & Reality 4K | कबीर साहेब को लेकर फैली 7 अफवाहों का सच | Kabir Prakat Diwas | SA NEWS

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KABIR - Myths & Reality 4K | कबीर साहेब को लेकर फैली 7 अफवाहों का सच | Kabir Prakat Diwas | SA NEWS

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This writeup particularly is about Kabir, a Supreme Saint who appeared in 1398 and dispels some myths around the Great Saint.

Myth: Kabir was born to a widowed brahmin lady
The above statement is a myth, a lie about Kabir. The fact is that Kabir descended on this earth in 1398 as an infant in Lahar Tara Pond in Varanasi on to a lotus flower. Kabir did not take birth. He rather appeared on this earth at his own will, to perform a divine play and propagate his knowledge which unfolded during the entirety of his lifespan on this earth spanning 120 years.

Kabir as an infant was found by a childless couple named Niru and Nima in the Lahar Tara pond when they had gone there to take a bath.

Myth: Kabir was a Muslim
Kabir had no religion. He was beyond any religion, caste or creed. However Niru and Nima, the childless couple who found and raised Kabir, were muslims. Prior to being forced in to islam, Niru and Nima were Brahmin / Pandits (hinduism) who were forcefully turned muslims due to prevailing circumstances at the time. Niru previously was known as 'Gauri Shankar' and Nima was known as 'Saraswati'. They were ardent devotees of Lord Shiv. Despite being forced in to Islam, they still had their allegiance to Lord Shiv.

Kabir however was beyond Hindu and Muslim. He wrote numerous speech which is famous as Kabir poetry but in reality, He gave his secret, though surreptitiously. In one of the speeches Kabir wrote:

हिन्दू तुरक के बीच में मेरा नाम कबीर (Hindu turk ke beech mein mera naam Kabir)
जीव मुक्तवन कारने अबिकत धरा सरीर। (Jeev muktaavan kaarney avigat dhara sharir)

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