IMPERIAL BLUE Official Trailer (2020) Ugandan-British Fantasy Thriller

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IMPERIAL BLUE celebrated its world Premiere at Raindance Film Festival, September 2019. IMPERIAL BLUE will be released Digitally in the UK on Monday 18th January 2020, followed by a release in the US on Monday 15th February 2020. IMPERIAL BLUE is directed by Dam Moss and stars Nicolas Fagerberg & Esther Tebandeke. Combining magical realism, post-colonial satire and a powerful Ugandan female cast, Imperial Blue drags the “white man in Africa” narrative kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Filmed across three continents with stunning cinematography, this Ugandan-British fantasy thriller is set to challenge and excite audiences in equal measure.

Synopsis: American smuggler Hugo travels to Africa to find the source of Bulu, a mysterious narcotic with prophetic powers. In Uganda, two sisters offer to help him, each competing for his money. As they journey deeper into the forest, their uneasy alliance comes apart with horrifying consequences.

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