Have You Met a Goose? - Android Apps on Windows, Coupons on Edge, Microsoft Bob

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Android apps on Windows, coupons on Edge, Microsoft Bob.

Windows + PC

• Is the pandemic PC buying frenzy over? Data point: HP PC sales were flat YOY.
• Mary Jo Foley says: Buying a PC right now is not easy. Ask me how I know.
• Chrome support for Windows 7 is extended by 6 months.
• There have been more Insider builds since last week but no new features.
• Microsoft may be looking to allow Android apps in the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft 365

• Microsoft 365 Business Premium is on sale this week.
• Microsoft finally begins adding consumer features to Teams on desktop and web.
• Microsoft adds shopping features to Microsoft Edge.
• There are many other new features for Microsoft Edge.


• Microsoft co-founder looks back on what he got right and wrong in "The Road Ahead".
• Microsoft among firms petitioning court to protect its data from Google during antitrust case.


• A weak final 2020 outing for Games with Gold. Is this promotion coming to a close?
• Flight Simulator makes the US look prettier. When is it coming to Xbox?
• Microsoft to bring Game Streaming to smart TVs in 2021. What about console, PC, Mac, web, and iOS?
• No consoles for you in Xbox Black Friday deals.
• Related: GeForce Now comes to iOS via the web too.

Tips and Picks

• Tip of the week: Meet Now is available on the web and in the latest version of Windows 10, on the taskbar.
• App pick of the week: Vivaldi
• Enterprise pick of the week: Salesforce could buy Slack.
• Codename pick of the week: Utopia
• Cocktail pick of the week: Thanksgiving Cranberry Cider Sipper

Hosts: Mikah Sargent, Mary Jo Foley, Paul Thurrott
Windows Weekly Episode 700
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