Friday Morning Tropical Update: Tracking several waves in the Atlantic

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Nana has weakened into a remnant low over Central America.

Tropical Depression Omar has not It will today and become a remnant low as it moves out into the middle of the Atlantic.

There is a tropical wave located near the Cabo Verde Islands and it is producing disorganized showers and storms. Slow development of this system is possible over the next few days while it moves WNW in the Atlantic. NHC is giving it a high chance to develop over the next 5 days. Forecast models show it becoming a tropical depression or storm next week, but keep it out at sea.

There is a broad area of low pressure located several hundred miles WSW of the Cabo Verde Islands. It remains disorganized and not moving much. Slow development is possible early next week once the tropical wave near the islands passes north of it. NHC is giving this system a medium chance to develop.

Another tropical wave is forecast to move off of Africa this weekend. A low is expected to form and a tropical depression could develop. Models keep this system out in the Atlantic. NHC is giving this system a medium chance to develop over the next 5 days.

Lastly, there is a non-tropical low over the north-central Atlantic. Some slight subtropical or tropical development is possible as it moves to the NNE today. Tonight it will be over cooler waters and the opportunity to develop will have ended. NHC is giving it a low chance to develop.
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