Enormous Wasp Attacks Melanthius | Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger | Creature Features

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A wasp ingests some of Zenobia's potion and grows in size before it attacks Sinbad's crew.

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Sinbad (Patrick Wayne), daring sailor and Prince of Baghdad, sets sail towards Charnak, seeking permission from Prince Kassim to wed his sister, Farah (Jane Seymour). But Sinbad discovers that Kassimhas been placed under a spell by their fiendish stepmother, Zenobia (Margaret Whiting). To break the wicked spell, Sinbad must set forth on a journey unlike any ever traveled. Awaiting him on this perilous voyage is an assortment of beasts beyond one's wildest imagination. Among the creatures encountered are the Minoton, a bronze colossus, a giant troglodyte, a sabre-toothed tiger, and an "almost human" baboon. The incredible, animated special effects by Ray Harryhausen will keep you spellbound as you sail with this Sinbad classic.

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