【Eng Sub】My Bossy Lover EP19 | 好久不见「2020 Best Chinese Drama」

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【Type】Girlfriend, Love, Romantic Drama, Idol Drama, Chinese Drama, Modern
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Beijing in the summer of 2003, the SARS period. The fresh graduate Hua Duoduo (Yang Zishan) and the entrepreneur's son He Yan (Zheng Kai) who want to prove his ability have been clashed and collided. It is a coincidence that the Duoduo enters company of He Yan to work.
The Duoduo who are very impressed by the returnees, with the long-standing relationship to find the surface of the game, is actually to open up the entrepreneurial dream in the field of games. Due to family conflicts, He Yan accidentally fell to the building and lost his normal walking ability. This kind of blow made the words of depression once depressed, but on the most difficult days, the Hua Duoduo will not leave, take care of the left and right, and encourage the congratulations to complete the original dream in the game business, and finally succeed in business. Two people who were not able to support each other in the past have become lovers who support each other on the road to entrepreneurship.
On the occasion of the game company of He Yan gradually getting on the right track, the He Yan‘s mother Ye Linna (Jiang Shan) fell ill. This time, the congratulatory speech took the initiative to manage the family real estate business. He Yan, Hua Duoduo, these 80-year-olds, who have entered the real estate industry for ten years, are the decade of China's real estate boom. With the wave of China's economic take-off, they have created a young man in this field to be proud of.

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