[Eng Sub] Contract Lover EP35 | Fake lover get together【2020 Chinese drama eng sub】

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► Label: Romantic Drama, Love, Idol Drama, Chinese Drama
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The older unmarried male female doctor Sheng Xia (Li Xiaoran), due to hereditary disease, is eager to get married and have a child. A company executive who has had two failed marriages, Qiu Yang (Yu Hewei), suffered a career crisis. In order to save the company, Qiuyang was forced to marry by relatives and friends. Two people who are eager to get salvation by marriage have become neighbors in a wrong way, causing a series of misunderstandings. They began a prestigious marriage in the form of a contract, aiming to eliminate the troubles caused by unmarried or divorced. In getting along, they formed a deep friendship. In the process, they also gradually open their hearts to each other, have a deeper understanding of marriage, correct many of the past extreme ideas, and realize that only marriage with love is the guarantee of a happy life. In the end, they overcame their own difficulties, and harvested the sincere love.
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