Eda + Serkan || Lover (+Trailer 1x24)

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"Can I go where you go? Can we always be this close forever and ever?"

Is it possible to know this song and not sing along whilst watching this video? If you manage it let me know as I have sung the whole time I created it and then every time I reviewed this edit ????????

Serkan really would go wherever Eda is. Her heart is his home. Eda just too stubborn this episode to vocalise it's the same for her too.

Honestly clowned myself thinking we would get a kiss at Ice rink but I trust
Ayşe Üner hands in making their reunion epic. I am torn on if I want hot passion or something super cute, is it possible to merge the two?

I know for a fact if they reunite next episode I will use Snow Patrol - Just Say Yes (reworked version) as this song has literally been on loop in head and it won't get out until I do the edit. So Ayşe please release me from this song loop!!

Honestly, I want some god damn curtain action again - can't believe I am now in fact in love with those stupid curtains. Bring them back to Serkan's new bedroom, pleeease.

So I am waiting to see what Fragman 2 provides us before solidify the next song I will use. I have a few floating around but only if trailer gives a certain narrative.

Since that first one gave not much Edser beyond that lovely supportive look between them and him giving her water with lemon in it (omg my fragile heart) I am hoping tomorrow night we will be in chaos because they give us an A M A Z I N G trailer filled with such a promise of LOOOOOOVE.

Show: Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock on My Door)
Couple: Eda Yildiz & Serkan Bolat
Actors: Hande Erçel & Kerem Bürsin
Song: Taylor Swift - Lover

Tumblr: Coolcatkerr
Twitter: @Coolcatkerr1

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