Earth Day 4K Earth From Space [Views From a Space Station] ???? Epic Space Music (Ambient, Insrument

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Earth Day 4K Earth From Space [Views From a Space Station] ???? Epic Space Music (Ambient, Insrumental)

The video of one day of the Earth 4k from the NASA International Space Station includes footage of space sunrise and sunset, footage of the atmosphere and landscape of the earth's surface, oceans and cities of our planet. The video is accompanied by epic ambient and instrumental space music. The station makes one revolution around the Earth in 90 minutes and for about half of this time it spends in the shadow of the Earth.
High quality video allows you to enjoy the amazing beauty of the planet Earth in 4k and HD format.
Every day, various natural events occur on our planet, so from the ISS you can see: lightning strikes and hurricanes, the northern lights, the process of the occurrence of a tsunami and its movement, amazing night landscapes of large cities, sunset and sunrise, volcanic lava emissions, falling celestial bodies ...

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