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Hi Survivors,

The new Update is here! (All platforms) It includes fixes, Balancing and exciting new elements for DayZ Standalone and Livonia.

The long-awaited Revolver is making its return! This very cool looking gun is chambered with six rounds of the strong .357 ammo within an internal rotating cylinder. In addition to this, we are also adding one more and brand a new gun to DayZ - the Deagle. This beast of a pistol is available in silver and rare gold variants, features a nine .357 round magazine and fits the re-introduced pistol scope, to engage targets over longer distances.

We have also been working on some balancing of the durability of individual firearms, mainly aimed at lowering the durability gap between chambered and magazine based weapons. With this, we have also increased the durability of suppressors and removed the ability to repair weapons with duct tape along with their attachments. Keep an eye out and hold on to those weapon repair kits!

A new structure for base builders has been added - the flag pole. It aims to make the base management easier by continuously refreshing lifetime values of items and structures around. Meaning that you will no longer need to run fence by fence to keep them alive once you build and activate a flag pole in your base. Just keep an eye on how low the flag is, because its position defines how many refresh cycles remain. There are 27 flag variants; we hope you find your personal favourite there!

The central economy setup for both Chernarus and Livonia has received several updates. The items in the world should stay much longer than before, server restarts are no longer spawning new items and rare helicopter crash site loot is now excluded from the count in the cargo of player bases/stashes, meaning there will be a higher chance of bumping into rare loot on downed helicopters. We have also been testing the door state persistence on the experimental, but due to an issue, we have decided to postpone it for later. Our plan is to also adjust its behaviour - storing only locked doors and have every other properly randomised on server restart.

Our two terrains have received some quality updates with textures updated for several commonly used houses and miscellaneous objects. In addition to that, we have also added seven new exterior/interior variants for commonly used houses, making the landscape more varied. On top of this, we have also updated the entire power line network of Chernarus to make the landscape more immersive.

Get all the details and full patch notes below!
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Stay safe out there, Survivors!

We'll see you in Chernarus and Livonia,

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