Cursed Children 4: Opening the Jackbox PP (HAPPY 5K!!!)

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Thank you all for 5K. I know I'm a bit late, but it's because of software updates, corruption (of files), and also just me procrastinating. I would have never grown so big without the help of my friends, so I want to write a paragraph for each.

You weren't in this video. However, it doesn't mean I can't thank you for everything you've done. You were the creator of the Cursed Children and you brought this all together. I'm up here because of you, and for that, I thank you. Your friendship means so much to me and I hope you can be in the next Cursed Children!

I've known you since the time we were on the Hollow Knight Amino, and I remember seeing your art and just looking up to you. Even now, I'm amazed to know such a kind and loving person. When you used to make animatics for my channel, I felt so honored. Sometimes, I feel like I have trouble conveying that. Love you, Zoya!

God, where do I start? I feel like whenever I edit Cursed Children, you make me laugh the most. You'd always draw 'the funny' and I feel like that put a big part into making my channel grow. So: Thank you!

God. We met because of a Bee Movie quote. If that wasn't a sign of friendship, I don't know what is. You put the Curse in Cursed Children, really, even if you haven't been here that long. Go eat your nuggies, my man. You deserve it.

You gay lil baby you. I still remember the time when I spammed you with Grimm pictures. Now here we are. You've drawn many things for me and even made one of my thumbnails. That, I can really appreciate, because thumbnails are a pain. So, thank you.

My love, I appreciate everything you've done to keep my server running, to be in my livestreams, and just being there for me. You know how much I appreciate you already and I don't want others to cringe as they read this, so, just know I love you!

That should be just about it. Mind you, some of these people weren't in the video, but I'm still saying thanks!
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