BREAKING NEWS: Unemployment Update 9-22-20

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Popular restaurant chain Sizzler is the most recent company to file for bankruptcy, joining California Pizza Kitchen, Sweet Tomatoes and thousands of other small businesses that have been forced to close due to that thing out there.

In a statement, the restaurant chain explained: “The filing is a direct result of the financial impact the pandemic has had on the casual dining sector, particularly long-term indoor dining closures and landlords’ refusal to provide necessary rent abatement.”

A recent report showed that almost 90% of New York City’s restaurants and bars could not pay rent in full during the month of August.

Also, shout out t o my main man on Twitter from Florida, who wanted me to let y’all know how dire the situation is down south.

With the hurricanes, job closures and the government not doing their job to provide necessary unemployment benefits, Florida, much like the rest of the country, needs a lot of help right now.

Our nightlife and dining industries are hurting so badly, and I hope that they can get some fiscal relief soon, so that they can continue providing quality food, and quality jobs for millions of Americans.

In a similar vein, the hotel, travel and leisure industries have been devastated during 2020, with massive layoffs and furloughs impacting millions of jobs across America.

Following significant layoffs during the first half of the year, a new report from the American Hotel and Lodging Company (AHLA) shows that nearly 3/4ths of hotels across America might have to layoff even more employees without financial assistance from the government.

This survey also displayed that 68% of hotels currently have less than half of the typical full time employees when compared to a year ago.

Chip Rogers, CEO of AHLA, explained: “These are real numbers, millions of jobs, and the livelihoods of people who have built their small business for decades, just withering away because Congress has done nothing.”

I completely agree with Chip, as we need to keep our local restaurants, hotels, and economies afloat to weather out this crazy 2020.

Finally, 9 states have watched their weekly LWA unemployment benefits run dry, and 2 more are poised to do so this week.

Alabama, Arizona, Idaho, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Texas and Utah have used all of their 6 weeks of LWA unemployment funds, and I’m hearing that North Carolina and Tennessee aren’t far behind.

As of right now, just Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin are still waiting for their LWa payments to begin.

I can’t wait for every state to provide their citizens with the full 6 weeks of Federal unemployment funds to the tune of $1,800 or $2,400!

If you still have not applied for unemployment benefits in your state, do yourself a favor and get the funds to help you and your family today.

State benefits are running low across the nation, so get your PUa or UI, plus the extra $1,800 or $2,400 unemployment checks from the Feds, which could mean a backdated check for over $10,000!

All you have to do is give them your employment history and let them know that you aren’t working due to that thing out there, and you could be eligible to receive these amazing unemployment benefits.

To all the gig-workers, self employed, independent contractors, 1099 workers, even side hustles and part time gigs, the PUA was designed with you in mind and you can actually claim these weekly unemployment funds.

Make sure to take advantage of this amazing government program before they run out of money from both FEMA and state unemployment programs.




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