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???? Bo On The GO! - Bo and the Gobsobber | Cartoons for Kids????
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The Gobsobber is so sad; he makes puddles of tears everywhere! To cheer him up, Bo and Dezzy have to jump like Kangaroos across open umbrellas, then waddle like Penguins around bumping snowmen. They make their way to the Gobsobber’s lonely and sad room, and cheer him up with the Forever Friendly Snowman! No more tears!

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Bo is a positive, super-energetic and inquisitive young heroine who, along with her young friend Dezadore the dragon, or Dezzy as she likes to call him, encourages children at home to actively join her in a variety of movements that assist her on amazing adventures. Each episode is a mythic quest that presents challenges and obstacles that Bo must overcome. Along the way, Bo and Dezzy achieve victories and receive small rewards. Maximum Bo power!

#9 #wildbrain #BoOnTheGo #CartoonForKids
#wildbrain #BoOnTheGo #CartoonForKids
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