Beaches in S. Korea open with extra health rules to prevent COVID-19

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"발열체크가 먼저"... 코로나 속에서도 슬기롭게 해수욕장 이용하려면?

Local beaches started opening this week.
To quell fears stemming from COVID-19, some creative systems are being implemented.
Lee Kyung-eun went to check it out.
Just an hour's drive from Seoul, this beach in Incheon is one of South Korea's summer hotspots.
But this summer, it's putting more focus on peace, serenity and safety,…due to the newly imposed government health guidelines.
Visitors must get their temperatures checked, and receive a wristband to show they don't have a fever.
"Each member of our family was given this wristband. It's like a check mark that shows we've already taken the temperature check. "
All tents and beach parasols must be two meters apart.
For that, staff here have reduced the number of parasols available.
Visitors are also advised to keep their face masks on when not in the water, refrain from eating food, and avoid using shower booths.
But these measures don't seem to stop people from having fun.
"It really feels fresh and cool coming out after a long time of staying at home."
"The distancing is well-kept. I love the summer breeze and my kids are enjoying swimming and looking for shells."
To manage the distance between people, beach staff are constantly monitoring the number of incoming cars to predict the crowd.
"This is the real-time tracker that shows how many cars have passed the bridge to come to this beach. If there are too many, we request help from the police."
Anyone can check similar information online, thanks to this newly launched government-run beach map.
It indicates the level of crowdedness for each beach using the traffic light system.
A green light means the beach is "optimal for distancing", yellow means "caution-required", and red means the beach is too crowded for effective distancing.
Information is updated every 30 minutes.
And the system will be available for some 50 beaches across the country by mid-July.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.

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