A NYC Halloween is so much better on an Open Street (34th Avenue)

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Due to Covid-19, New York City cancelled all Halloween parades and parties citywide, including one of the most famous and longest running ones in Jackson Heights, Queens.

But Jackson Heights also has what is regarded as the most successful open street in NYC on 34th Avenue, a project the NYC DOT has committed to keeping permanent in one form or another.

Families left with children not being able to really host indoor gatherings and a dearth of space in this part of Queens, thousands of residents dressed up and opted to walk the 34th Avenue open street all-day long as spooky creatures, funny concepts and popular superheroes. Though there were a few opportunities at candy, mostly it was just to get some exercise and see other people's costumes outdoors and masked.

Some even remarked that in some ways this was better than the original event since you could choose any time to walk, the streets are wider, the open street is twice as long as the parade route and there is no need for NYPD officers. Here is just a little bit of what Streetfilms saw while out for less than an hour!
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