2nd Stimulus & Stimulus Checks! [9-1] Update #1

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Update on the next rounds of the stimulus check & stimulus package negotiation including Donald Trump's new executive orders & memoranda. The state of stimulus continues to evolve with new information from Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mark Meadows, & the Trump Administration. Here is your update for September 1, 2020. While negotiations have failed amongst leaders, a new negotiating party is gaining steam: Watch the Problem Solver's Caucus - they might end up creating a compromise bill & bringing Trump a new bill. This is a group of 24 Democrats & 24 Republicans & supporting is growing around this Problem Solver's Caucus.

This is an update on the next stimulus check, which would be the second stimulus check - hopefully we will see the second $1,200 stimulus check soon & these videos provide updates on the next stimulus checks, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), EIDL loans & grants, the USPS & election issues, Nancy Pelosi updates, Mitch McConnell Updates, updates from Treasury Secretary Mnuchin & Mark Meadows along with Donald Trump - all related to the future of stimulus checks & the next stimulus plan. Remember that current negotiations as of September 1st have both Democrats & Republicans in agreement on $1,200 stimulus checks & $500 to dependents. Democrats & republicans also agree on additional PPP stimulus money & stimulus money for schools with some funding for state & local governments. However, negotiations are in a stalemate over how much unemployment PUA stimulus money to provide & how much money to provide to state & local governments in stimulus.

As of September 1st, 2020, there are appear to be big changes coming to the second stimulus check plan and the next stimulus relief package. Democrats passed the HEROES Stimulus package in the House about 90 days ago. The HEROES Act would cost around $ trillion. Republicans introduced a HEALS Act in late July to counter the democrats and the HEALS stimulus act would cost about $1 trillion. Republicans are now proposing a possible Skinny Stimulus Deal.

Will the The Skinny Stimulus Deal include Stimulus Checks? Possibly not. Though the text of the Skinny Stimulus Deal is expected soon. This is not good for the next $1,200 Stimulus Check Plan - these are big changes. However, we will still host a stimulus give away for $1,200.

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