10 Bands Punks and Metalheads Can Agree On—From Misfits to Motörhead

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There has always been a bizarre division between punk rock and heavy metal. Both genres appeal to the outcasts, weird-os and social pariahs of the world, yet their respective fans tend to look for music that expresses their resentment toward society in very different ways. Punks commonly rally for activism and find identity in lyrics that express their disdain for cultural inequalities and mainstream nothingness, while metalheads tend to revel in escapism and headbang their cares away over lightning-fast arpeggios and songs that praise dark and clandestine powers.

But some bands have the ability to speak to both crowds and do what music does best—bring people together. Here are ten bands who can unify punks and metalheads and make a grim world a whole lot better in the process.

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Written, narrated and edited by Bobby Makar (who sat alone at lunch in high school because he was too punk for the metal kids and too into metal to be considered a punk )

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